Cherwell Reimplementation Project Update

Project Overview

The purposes of this project are foremost to enable UNM IT to deliver significantly enhanced and expanded employee experiences through the Cherwell Service Management (CSM) 10.0 platform.   This platform takes advantage of the latest functionality, technology and usability conventions to simplify service delivery and allow all of IT (including ITOs) to standardize on one platform with common operational processes. 

CSM 10 has streamlined the ability for service providers to gather data, analytics and key performance indicators.  This will improve UNM IT's workload visibility and resource management to assist Governance Teams in making strategic IT decisions.   CSM 10 also delivers project and portfolio management (PPM) capabilities designed to ensure UNM IT is working on the most impactful and priority projects.


  Approach Moving Forward (Tentative Timeline) 

Core ITSMPPM (Project and Portfolio Management)

August 2021: 

  • T4S reviews Request List 
  • UNM and T4S work together to provide any needed clarification 
  • T4S provides estimates of development effort for items on Request List 
  • UNM selects the items on the Request List that we want T4S to work on. 
    • Project Team reviews and makes recommendations to   TJ and Alesia. 
    • Alesia and TJ discuss. 
    • We may need Steering's input/direction/approval on some of these. 

  • UNM reviews the remaining items and determines the development effort.

September/October 2021: 

  • Engagement with T4S for initial configuration. 
  • Work begins on Development items from Request List. 

September/October 2021: 

  • Design Workshop 
  • Action Items / Request List 
  • Agreement on Development/Configuration Items for PPM 

November/December 2021

  • T4S completes their development items. 
  • Testing of Cherwell V10 with T4S configurations and development items. 
  • Acceptance testing. 

November/December 2021:

  •  T4S Configuration/Development Items for PPM 

 January/February 2022: 

  • UNM Development Tasks for Minimum Viable Product. 

January/February 2022:

  • T4S Configuration/Development Items for PPM 
  •  Acceptance testing. 

 March/April 2022

  • Finalized Testing 
  • Communication Rollout 
  • Go-Live 

 March/April 2022:

  • Finalized Testing 
  • Communication Rollout 
  • Go-Live